Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Writing Prompt Tuesday — That one moment

Sometimes it seems our brain is flooding us with a torrent of ideas; they keep on coming and coming so fast we barely have time to jot them down before the escape us.  Then, there are those other times when our mind is as dry as the Sahara.  In those moments, writing prompts can be useful.


Writing challenge!

Write about that one second when everything changed.  That one moment that made the tables turn.

Feel free to share your story or excerpt in the comment section or to link back to your blog.  I would love to read you!


  1. lol Those are usually when I'm trying to figure out what happens next in a scene.

  2. So instead of a writing prompt, I'm giving you a writing block :P

  3. Great prompt! If only I had two minutes to do it!! I'm writing/revising like three books and promoting one!! LOL. oh and I have a 9 month old... YIKES.

    1. Wow!! It's like you have not one, but 5 babies!! Good luck with all of those and hang in there! You can do it.