Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wild Writers Literary Festival – Making the Most of your Blog

This week I bring you the second installment of the Wild Writer Literay Festival Series.  Missed the first one?  No problem! Follow the link.

"You don't need a blog..."

...is the first thing Kerry Clare, professional blogger for Canadian Books website 49th Shelf, said when she began her workshop. Which was strange, since she was there to talk about blogging. She explained. Of course, blogs are a great way to express yourself, talk about your personal experiences, network, build a platform, etc.  But despite what editors and publishers would like you to believe, blogs are not a necessity.

Clare believes that reading is a transaction between two people and proceeds to prove it by having the workshop's participants talk to their neighbors about book they're currently reading.  Immediately, the room started buzzing with energy.  And this is what blogging is about; it's about sharing your passion.

During the workshop, Clare went on to say that blogging wasn't easy and that it required commitment.  However, blogs are more personal and you should not try desperately to build a platform through it.  It's important to be yourself.  As for the content, no need to obsess over it.  A blog is a work in progress and problems can always be smoothed later.

For the authors who want a blog (or need to want one because of their editors), Clare suggests talking about the following:
  • research that didn't make it to the book
  • the characters themselves
  • places that inspired the book (with pictures!)
  • writing (from a position of authority.
 However, her most important advice was to "Blog like no one is looking."  D
o it for yourself.  If you build it, they will come.


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